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In diesem Beitrag zeigen wir dir einen wirklich sehr wichtigen Faktor der über erfolg und misserfolg deines Posts entscheidet, der Zeitfaktor oder die Beste Zeit für Instagram! Beautiful, quick to install, and easy to configure — our Instagram follow button is designed to help you instantly grow your audience on Instagram. Do you need a loan to pay off your bills or buy a home? Generally, the best times to post on Instagram are lunchtime (11am-1pm) and evenings (7-9pm). What about the worst? Are You In Need Of Business Loan? Extend your reach, get more engagement on your posts, and save a ton of time while managing your profile. Are you looking for an urgent loan today and enjoy the best of service kindly mail us via Email:, All response should be sent to for an urgent loan.​, Are you looking for an urgent loan today and enjoy the best of service kindly mail us via Email: An den Tagen konnte zwischen 11 und 13 Uhr, sowie zwischen 19 und 21 Uhr das höchste Engagement gemessen werden. Ein erfolgreicher Instagram Beitrag der Viral geht, ist in den meisten fällen kein Zufall. … Für ihre Berechnungen analysierten die Forscher 1,2 Millionen Postings, die auf Instagram veröffentlicht wurden. I seeks assistance from all the people that i know but i could not even get drugs for my child. This is the most diverse list you'll find online from under 10k to over 143 million followers. Um post kurz zu fassen: Das erste Foto ist einfach komplett für, und unterstützt meine Bildsprache nicht. If interested contact us via email: In your spreadsheet, track how many likes and comments each post receives, along with the date and time that you posted them. If you’ve found the prime time to post your content, don’t hang up your hat just yet – you have to stay on top of those algorithm changes by testing, measuring, and refining your strategy (lather, rinse, repeat). Andernfalls werden Ihre Bilder einfach in den Tiefen ihres Feeds vergraben und werden vermisst. Then, there is the more convenient choice, Selection Pop-up Mode, that will open your app whenever you copy a link for reposting. Es ist die Frage der Fragen: Was ist die beste Uhrzeit für Instagram?Auch Hopper HQ kam auf die Idee, eine entsprechende Studie ins Rollen zu bringen:. You post three consecutive photos with the same subject or mood. You can also use Later’s Instagram audience analytics to track when your audience is most active on Instagram and then use that data to optimize your posting times. Usually you know right in the beginning because if your post get a lot of likes at first than I will think it will bump up on peoples news feed and not get lost. Also, keep in mind that if you have followers in both North America and the UK, you may find that posting at “odd” times in your time zone (like midnight PST) performs well for you because it’s 8am in London, England. And can call me or text me on +1(973) 291-2519 for more info with the details below: Applicant Name: Amount Needed: Duration: Country Cell No: Gelder: Email: Good advice here, though any instagram post can be hit or miss. Beste Zeit für einen Instagram-Post: Diese Uhrzeiten musst Du kennen. Add Your Link in Bio & Drive Traffic from Instagram. I have found quality of my content is deciding factor of how good a post does. Es bringt leider wenig einen guten Beitrag zu kreiren, wenn Ihn keiner sieht. Viele Leute denken, dass eine einfacher Post an Instagram abends und am Wochenende die beste Strategie ist, um das meiste Engagement zu … Beste Uhrzeit für Instagram Es hat sich herausgestellt, dass Montag, Mittwoch und Donnerstag die besten Tage für Social Media Posts sind. Instagram's algorithm also evaluates the engagement of each post when determining whether to present it to your audiences. Do you need financial assistance? Posts between the 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. hour on Tuesday through Friday also tend to get good engagement. It might take a few weeks, but you can use this information to help you choose the best days to share to specific networks based on your own audience, along with the times that work best for getting traffic on those specific days. But there are some general rules you should consider: As we mentioned a little earlier, Instagram’s algorithm gives more weight to the time that something is posted. When it launched in 2010, Instagram was place to post an artsy picture of your coffee mug. 7 Email Marketing Tips & Examples. Start amplifying your website traffic with our share buttons today! , personal Loan. if you need a loan amount quickly write to her Email now with ( ). Die beste Zeit zum Posten auf Instagram ist zum Mittagessen (11.00 bis 13.00 Uhr) und am Abend nach der Arbeit (19.00 bis 21.00 Uhr). It’s a cyclical process: higher engagement leads to more visibility, which leads to higher engagement, which leads to more visibility. Let the Later algorithm find the best days and times to post to Instagram for your audience! Posting on Instagram at the right time is just as important as the quality of your posts. Include tag requests and other questions to encourage follower participation. Das ist die beste Zeit für Instagram-Postings. Looking forward to diving into some experimenting. One of the most popular ones is to post a photo and a quote one after the other like this example. In this post, you’ll discover the best Instagram marketing tools to take your Instagram presence to the next level. VICTORIA FINANCIER HELP MY FAMILY WITH LOAN @ 2% INTEREST RATE with, VICTORIA FINANCIER COMPANY, offers all kind of loan, ranging from $5,000 USD to $100,000,000.00USD Max. With Later’s Instagram analytics, you can track key insights about your followers, including their age, gender, location, languages, and more. If Yes; Contact us via email. This is where experimentation comes in handy! Sign up for our monthly newsletter. Want a quick guide for the best times to post globally? These kinds of metrics are perfect for fine-tuning your content strategy! While Instagram has the option to share posts as stories, now the company has also added an option to share stories as posts. Die besten Postingzeiten für Ihre spezifische Nische hat Tailwind im „2020 Instagram Industry Report“ zusammengefasst. It gives a great starting point. With Quick Schedule, you can create your own Instagram queue based on your best times to post. also: where exactly do I drag them to when I want to schedule them all at once, I can’t tell where yu drop them to. In short, yes. Share Stories as Post. These Instagram accounts are mindblowingly amazing. Instagram isn’t all about the flawless photos and hyper-curated feeds anymore–to an extent. I lost my job and i and my kids were almost evicted from our house. It’s a question that’s caused a lot of... Instagram hashtags are still an effective way to get more eyes (and engagement!) The implementation of the Instagram story is one of the platform’s biggest hits and still remains very relevant with all of the new features being released.. With Instagram stories, you can update your followers on what you’re doing at any given moment. One of the added benefits of switching to a creator profile is that you also get access to the Instagram Creator Studio dashboard, which is packed with valuable audience insights, including advanced data for when your followers are online. Who knew?). Instagram is all about great visuals and content. Instagram Beste und Post planen wird immer beliebter denn die Plattform wird immer professioneller und will nichts für Zufall überlassen. To get typography inspiration, visit Erik Marinovich’s (@erikmarinovich) feed. Its like faucet gets turned on and doesn’t stop for atleast 24 hours. Instagram Feed Idea #6: Use Great Fonts and Typography. (Turns out that watching Instagram videos at the office isn’t something many people do. Sie hoffen wahrscheinlich, dass wir Ihnen eine definitive Zeit geben können, um Ihre Instagram-Posts zu erstellen. Do you want to have a Business of your own and you need Financial Loan Help? After the first month, I switched to posting at 8am CST daily to see if having a new picture every morning changed anything for our followers. Post engaging, high-quality images. It’s a good idea to start with the tried-and-true days and times we discussed above. Later teamed up with influencer marketing platform Fohr to analyze influencers’ posting habits and trends for the future. Your email address will not be published. Yet only a handful of those posts come from the accounts you really want to know about. The best thing you can do to find your optimal posting time for Instagram is to research your audience using Instagram’s native analytics tool, Instagram Insights. Some brands – not all – also find that Instagram posts do well during the Monday morning commute, between 8:00 a.m and 9:00 a.m. But it all starts with when you post on Instagram. After analyzing thousands of influencers and their posts, they discovered these core posting times around the world: Of course, you’ll still need to find your personalized posting time, but can use their findings as a starting point! Just like your floor tiles at home, here’s where you can alternate posts one after the other! Review einfach, ich will dass meine Posts automatisch gepostet werden, dass ist hier nicht der Fall, denn es wird dir zu der Uhrzeit lediglich eine Benachrichtigung post. Start by picking five different times throughout the week. Instagram’s algorithm pays attention to how much engagement your posts get and how quickly users engage with them, so you should find that sweet spot to increase your visibility. Es bringt leider wenig einen guten Beitrag zu kreiren, wenn Ihn keiner sieht. In the current state of affairs, these tips will help you get the attention that your IG posts deserve. Price: Free with limited features, or $24.99/yr for full access to all filters, effects, and tools Download: iOS or Android Why you should try it Having been named both “Best New App” and “App of the Day” by Apple, A Color Story offers filters and presets designed by professional photographers and influencers. We are trying the best to update the database with pupular and trending hashtags with our algorithm. Because Instagram Stories live for a 24-hour period, it isn’t quite as important to post your stories during your “optimal” times – although it doesn’t hurt! Awesome news, right? Here are the top 3 global best times to post on Instagram for each day of the week, represented in Eastern Standard Time: Here’s a breakdown of our findings for quick reference: While these are the best times to post on average, if you want to get the most engagement, it’s best to find your personalized best times based on your unique audience. For example, if you posted at 5pm on Monday in week 1, post at 6pm during week 2. Using Later’s Best Time to Post feature is the easiest way to calculate your optimal posting times, but it isn’t the only way. There are three sizes that look good on Instagram: 1080 x 1080px (square photo with a 1:1 aspect ratio), 1080 x 1350px (portrait photo with a 4:5 aspect ratio) and 1080 x 608px (landscape photo with a … Quick Repost will shoot out, well, a quick repost of the link. so i drove 309 miles longer for $60 less and 7. Leider ist das Leben nicht so einfach - es gibt zu viele Variablen. It’s becoming more about real life, and what things really look like. Find photos and videos that’ll resonate with your fans right from your desktop, then share to your social channels in just a few clicks. Thanks! Die meisten Instagrammer greifen über ihr Smartphone auf die Plattform zu. Love hearing about those sweet spot times. Quick Save, saves the post link to your phone, and Quick Post Later, will store your post … Am Wochenende verschiebt sich das deutlich. As a pioneer in the industry, ShareThis has powered human connections through free engagement and growth tools since 2007. Choosing an aesthetic gives you more freedom with your feed, because as long as your photo fits the “vibe” of your Instagram, you can post about pretty much anything! Or even better, go into your Visual Instagram Planner and from there select the photos you want to schedule, Add them into the preview and from there re-arrange the order to curate your IG feed. Save time and get more views on stories by planning, optimizing, and scheduling Instagram stories right from your desktop! Great question, I would like to know also. Also, want to recommend you instagram scheduler Great post. for your personalized best times to post on Instagram. When a post gets a lot of likes, comments, and saves, that engagement will translate into Instagram bumping your post higher up on users’ feeds and potentially getting a spot. So scroll through and find a new way to use the makeup you’ve got, or … You can just post the pic, and then comment+paste the tags from the clipboard. An Instagram follow button is a simple, streamlined, and easy-to-use website or blog button that enables one-click access to your Instagram account, so visitors can easily find you (and then follow you).No copy-and-paste, no manual app-switching, and almost zero effort required. They might differ slightly for you. it took me 19 1/2 hours to get there and $180 to get there and now the way back was 309 miles more and i got back in 12 hours and left with $140 in my pocket and had $20 left when I got back. 141k Likes, 100 Comments - Tristan Thompson (@realtristan13) on Instagram: “We had the best time at Cali’s Birthday party! Following a request from The Huffington Post, Latergramme , a service that lets users manage and schedule Instagram posts, ran an analysis of over 61,000 posts to determine the when photos received the most "likes" and comments. You can use these times as your starting point,  but measure the results and adjust your strategy accordingly as you discover the time when your followers are most engaged with your posts. For example, if you notice that your followers are most active between 5pm and 9pm EST, schedule your posts to appear at 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9pm. I tried the Insights approach like you all mention in this article, posting daily around what our insights said was a good time (in that 6-8pm time frame). Instagram continues to revolutionize the social media realm with its photo and video sharing capabilities. Your are planning to implement autoposting? She helped me when i was so much in need of money. Our take? Instead of posting while you’re at your desk. Have you be denied of a loan from your bank or any Financial Firm? Victoria Financier service is so amazing. Hubspot found that Sunday posts get “very low engagement” compared to other days of the week, and both Sprout Social and Latergramme also found that Sunday gets the least love. Awesome! According to Unmetric data, brands in this industry experienced the most engagement with their Instagram content when they posted at 11 a.m. or 1 p.m., but also 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. (in more recent quarters).On average, Friday was the best performing day for Travel and Tourism brands on Instagram, followed by Tuesday and Monday.Likely, followers of these accounts are primed to engage with travel content as they plan their weekends. Is this possible to automate with Later? If you want people to like your Instagrams, the most ideal time to post is at 5 p.m. EST on Wednesdays. Thanks so much for this update! A post shared by Kylie �� (@kyliejenner) on Feb 6, 2018 at 1:14pm PST. And the best day to post is Thursday. If you’d rather crunch the numbers yourself, you can create a spreadsheet to track how much engagement you receive when you post at different times on different days. I need to start utilizing my followers location as a key tip when posting for sure. Meaning…I could post high quality content at 3pm (time you shouldn’t) and it quickly gets likes & comments. But that may not be the best time to post for your business. I have a small bakery and use instagram like a marketing way. It’s a good starting point, but you still need to experiment by testing out different posting schedules to figure out what works best for your brand and followers. Confused yet? We’ve already established that the best days to post on Instagram are weekdays: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. You can follow his day-to-day on Instagram @benjaminchacs. depends on how specific you want to be! From Post scheduler, auto like, welcome DMs. Thanks for this post! Auf Instagram kannst du so oft posten wie du möchtest, je nachdem, was sich für dich richtig anfühlt. I urgently contact her, explain my situations to her same day and then i ask for any assistance that can give because i don’t want my kids trow out to street; She advised me to get a loan amount with long term of 10years. Since Instagram is now prioritizing “new” content on people’s feeds, your best shot at getting your content in front of your followers is by posting when most of them are online and scrolling the app. But the tricky part is that you won’t find this option in the highlight section. What about the worst? Instagram Sponsored Posts: Everything You Need to Know in 2021, What Is Email Marketing? Just keep in mind that in order to access Insights, you’ll need to set up an Instagram business profile or an Instagram creator profile. Instagram grid layout #1: Checkerboard. 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. These tools make that much easier — you can schedule posts, so they go live when your audience is most active. By doing this, you can actually hack the algorithm to increase your reach and get more likes and followers! Remove the hurdles, and you’ll improve your following. The Instagram app now shows the exact date (month, date and year) a post was published on both your own and other peoples' posts. We are willing to help you out on either Business or Personal Loans.Offer are Available at %3 interest rate Email, Get your financial freedom from WFH INC at an affordable interest rate of 1.5% Email: for more info, Do you need a loan? Was ist die beste Zeit für Instagram Posts? Like we just mentioned, Later’s Best Time to Post feature automatically calculates your 7 top posting times based on your best-performing posts from the recent month: If you’re on one of Later’s business plans, your best times to post will be automatically highlighted in your weekly content calendar, making it super easy to schedule your Instagram posts when your audience is most active. I think the first 30 min / 1hr / 4hr / day would be good? Creating an Instagram feed that has good fonts is essential if you plan to post inspiring quotes often. This is also a great idea, if you’re a design agency or a creative who wants to impress clients. Join 1 million+ others and subscribe to our weekly newsletter for the best Instagram tips & tricks! Every Instagram account has a unique audience with followers located across different cities, countries, and time zones — so it’s important to find your personalized best time to post on Instagram. A great way to ensure that you are consistently posting when your audience is most active is to use, Easily schedule photos, videos & carousel posts with a few clicks. The differences are slight, but average Instagram engagement does shift depending on the day. Contact us today for your Financial Loan Help. I tried to get a loan on the internet and was scammed the sum of $2,100 I became so desperate in getting a loan from a legit lender online then a friend told me that there is a legit loan company where she got her loan fast and easy without any stress so she introduced me to a Man called Arthur Huseman, So i applied for a loan sum of ($60,000.00) with low interest rate (2%) so the loan was approved and deposited into my bank account that was how I was able to get my loan and I was able to pay off my bills and started a new business of my choice. , you can also track key insights about your followers directly in your Later dashboard with, With Later’s Instagram analytics, you can, For example, you can use your audience data to pinpoint your top time zones. The best day of the week to post on Instagram is Thursday while Sunday sees the least engagement. Easy, right? Looking for more social media follow buttons? I am a Skype Acting coach and wondered when the best time to post for these peeps , Great post! Hi @evelyneschoffe:disqus! 4 Tools to Automate Instagram Scheduling. Instead of posting while you’re at your desk, schedule Instagram posts during the workday so you don’t have to worry about it during your free time! Beste Zeit, um auf Facebook zu posten. Can I bulk select pictures on the free version? You put tons of work into creating amazing Instagram posts and images to capture the attention of your followers (and get more of them), but even the best-crafted posts will flop if you’re not picking the best time to post on Instagram.. on your... Ready for some predictions to fire up your social media strategy in 2021? Die beste Zeit zum Posten auf Instagram. Hier ist eine Übersicht der 4 wichtigsten Gründe weshalb das Planen von Instagram Posts Sinn macht und auch du deine Posts planen solltest. !” Personally I find weekdays after 3pm are usually the best, people are bored trying to kill time before work is over. Who knows what this means and if we’re the red headed step-child of posting. Benjamin is a Content Marketing Strategist at Later and recent transplant from Toronto., Want more tips and trends to grow your website traffic? This will be a weekly recurring schedule so make sure to chose the best times for your audience 2. to bulk schedule you can either select the photos from the side library in the order you want to schedule them and drag them into the calendar. Quick question: Being a photographer I like to have a clean looking post without a lot of distracting hashtags, so I put all of my hashtags into a comment instead of in the main location. No more calculating what 84 weeks ago was. Mittlerweile gibt es einige Apps post dabei helfen Instagram Posts zu planen und auch automatisch zu posten. Wo es die beste Zeit gibt, gibt es auch die schlechteste Zeit. Die Reduzierung der Anzahl der Posts führt zu einem Verlust an Followern und geringeren Interaktionen pro Post. I figured you guys would like to know about the outliers that happen to continue your research and future blog posts. Interested applicants should Contact us with the information below via email:, How I Got A Loan From My God Fearing And Trusted Lender ( Later recently analyzed 12 million Instagram posts and found that the best overall time to post on Instagram is between 9am and 11am EST. View this post on Instagram The English National Opera Gala took place at the Guildhall during the summer, which was an evening of myths and magic. There are a number of factors that influence the Instagram algorithm, including how much engagement a post gets and how long people spend viewing a post. Hello everyone My name is Harriet D. Forsyth resident at 1171 Lynn Street Milton, MA 02186. So the ‘hour’ your follower’s time? Her Email is: for each day of the week, represented in Eastern Standard Time: Timeliness has always been an important factor on Instagram, but it’s even more important with the, feature automatically calculates your top 7 posting times on Instagram so you can schedule in batches and publish without a hitch, Instagram Insights can be used to find your top time zones and see when the majority of your followers are online, Spreadsheets can help you keep track of your posting experiments and measure your progress, If you want to skip the experiments and get right to the good data, an Instagram marketing platform like, automatically calculates your 7 top posting times. InstaSky is the complete set of tools for Instagram that you will ever need. Over 3 million publishers leverage ShareThis’ website tools to reach their marketing goals whether they want to amplify their website traffic or social following. Hubspot found that Sunday posts get “very low engagement” compared to other days of the week, and both Sprout Social and Latergramme also found that Sunday gets the least love. You can expect to get better engagement on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, at a few different times of day: It’s also worth experimenting with Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Don’t forget that videos get the most engagement between 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., so you’ll want to put video content on a different schedule. You put tons of work into creating amazing Instagram posts and images to capture the attention of your followers (and get more of them), but even the best-crafted posts will flop if you’re not picking the best time to post on Instagram. Latergramme, a service that lets users manage and schedule Instagram posts,  analyzed 61,000 posts to find out when they get the most likes and comments and found Wednesdays to be the best day (although not by much). , including how much engagement a post gets and how long people spend viewing a post. Then, you will be telling a story from left to right. This is Kylie’s 8th post on the top 20 list, and it’s her most liked so far. Check out this video for a more visual explanation: Durch die Unterteilung in 18 unterschiedliche Branchen lässt sich genauestens ermitteln, welche Posting-Zeit die jeweils Beste für die jeweilige Branche … And she held the record for the most liked Instagram picture for a fairly long time (341 days) with this post, too. Die besten Zeiten zum Posten sind laut Empfehlung vieler Social-Media-Experten: Dienstag bis Freitag, 9 bis 18 Uhr Likewise, if the majority of your followers are located in New York City, you should be posting in Eastern Standard Time (EST). That is what i really was trying to discover myself! Instagram limits captions to 2,200 characters or around 325 words. are also affected by the Instagram algorithm, so it’s a good idea to post these videos at the best time too! Hier sind einige allgemeine Regeln für die beste Zeit, um auf Instagram zu posten: Poste mehr außerhalb der Arbeitszeiten anstatt während des Tages : Normalerweise sind die besten Zeiten für das Posten auf Instagram die Mittagszeit (11-13 Uhr) und die Abendstunden (19-21 Uhr). You just have to select your posting times once, and then you can easily save yourself time by dragging and dropping posts on to your calendar, which will then automatically be scheduled for your best times. I was actually seeing less engagement and less new followers. You can post on IG every day of the week! Even though many studies show that certain days of the week and time of day are generally better, the standard practice doesn’t always work for your brand. Instagram scheduling tool Later analyzed 12 million Instagram posts that were posted from all over the world from accounts with both small and large followings. From your content calendar double click on a timeslot to create your AutoSchedule queue. You could choose a bright, golden, moody, dark, or colorful aesthetic for your Instagram feed. I have also noticed much more engagement on the images. A great way to ensure that you are consistently posting when your audience is most active is to use Later’s Quick Schedule tool. Instagram is an incredible channel for businesses to achieve their marketing goals, but in 2021, it isn’t enough to just post content whenever you feel like it anymore. which is packed with valuable audience insights, including advanced data for when your followers are online.

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